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Breast Augmentation with Fat 1
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Simultaneous Exchange of Implants with Fat
Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy
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Revision of Existing Reconstruction with Fat

A 44 year old with saline breast implants done elsewhere. She does not like the “fake” look of the implants and desires removal.Note lateral view.

6 months after Removal of Implant and Simultaneous Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat. Note the natural contour on both front and side views, and volume is maintained with natural fat.




Natural breast surgery, or breast enlargement/reconstruction with fat, is a revolutionary innovation that satisfies thelarge number of women who desire increased breast size or breast reconstruction without the need for large scars, flaps, or breast implants. At the same time these women wish to have a reduction in the size of their flanks, abdomen and thighs. The use of non-surgical pre-expansion to the breasts prior to breast fat grafting has been demonstrated to yield long-lasting if not permanent results. At Boston Breast Center, our proprietary EasyBreast System of expansion ensures effective pre-operative expansion of the breasts, which is essential for successful breast enlargement with fat.

Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat has the potential to be revolutionary in breast augmentation because it appeals to so many women who desire larger breasts or breast reconstruction after mastectomy, but who do not want breast implants or unsightly surgical scars. In a single procedure lasting 2 hours,Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat provides two optimal results: a real and obvious change in body contour reduction and an increase in breast size without making incisions or using breast implants.

Despite advances in stem cell manipulation from fat, , the large volume of fat required in natural breast augmentation suggests the use of stem cell manipulated fat is not currently practical. In addition, devices used to separate stem cells from mature fat cells are not currently FDA-approved, making stem cell breast augmentation a procedure that is not considered legal in the United States. We do not employ stem cell breast augmentation techniques at Boston Breast Center, but achieve natural breast augmentation with your natural, un-manipulated fat.