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Breast reconstruction – Constricted Breast

(Top): A 25 year old with a constricted breast deformity. She had a previous lift surgery elsewhere.
(Bottom): 6 months after Natural Breast Reconstruction with Fat. Note the natural contour of the breast and volume is maintained with natural fat. The shape of the breast is also more natural.

Natural breast augmentation is a method of breast enlargement by fat grafting breasts using your own natural, unmanipulated fat. This is a revolutionary innovation that satisfies the large number of women who desire a natural breast enhancement and at the same time wish do not desire cosmetic breast augmentation with artificial breast implants and also want to have cosmetic liposuction of their flanks, abdomen and thighs. The use of non-surgical pre-expansion to the breasts prior to natural breast enhancement using natural, non stem-cell enriched fat has been demonstrated to yield long term, if not permanent (see reference) results.

Natural breast augmentation by fat grafting breasts is not the same as what some practitioners and promoters call “stem cell breast augmentation”. In this procedure, your liposuctioned fat cells are enzymatically manipulated to filter out a small amount of cells. For every 100 cc of fat that is destroyed, 5 cc of stem cell-containing material is isolated. The small amount of isolated stem cells are then added back to another 100 cc of natural fat. By “supercharging” the natural fat, it has been implied that survival of overall fat is better. Despite the ability to extract stem cells from fat, the large volumes of fat required in natural breast augmentation suggest using stem cells is not currently practical. In addition, devices used to separate stem cells from mature fat cells are not currently FDA-approved, making stem cell-assisted breast augmentation a procedure that is not considered standard -of-care. Consequently, we therefore do not employ stem cell assisted breast fat grafting techniques for breast augmentation at this time, but achieve exceptional results with simpler, more practical methods of effective pre-expansion using the BRAVA bra and the EASYBreast System.

In summary, there are important facts you should know:

  1. There is no clinical evidence that stem cell enriched fat survives better than natural, un-manipulated fat from a volume maintenance perspective.
  2. The devices used to manipulate fat and filter out stem cells are not approved for human use by the FDA
  3. The devices used to manipulate fat and filter out stem cells process 250 cc of fat in one hour. 400-500 cc of fat are required per breast for breast fat grafting..
  4. Even if devices used to manipulate fat and filter out stem cells were FDA approved, it would require at least 4 hours just to process enough stem cells for an average breast augmentation with fat.
  5. The direct promotion by physicians or by companies of non- FDA approved products or techniques that use these products is considered a violation of Federal Law
Pre expansion of the breasts prior to fat grafting breasts can be a challenge for un-informed patients and plastic surgeons.

The Easy Breast System of expansion was designed at the Boston Breast Center to address this challenge – because BRAVA pre-expansion is essential for successful breast fat grafting and breast enlargement with fat.

EASY Breast is Expansion Augmentation Specific to You. EASYBreast is the essential first step in a three part process: 1)increasing your breast size non-surgically, followed by 2) breast fat grafting naturally, using your body’s own fat, and 3) your postoperative care. The fat is taken from other areas of the body such as your abdomen, back or thighs. It is now possible to provide two results in a single procedure by combining liposuction and natural breast augmentation in a completely natural way, all without incisions.

EASY Breast has the potential to be revolutionary in breast augmentation because it appeals to so many women who desire larger breasts but who do not want breast implants or the surgical scars. In a single procedure lasting 2-3 hours,EASY Breast provides two optimal results: a real and obvious change in body contour reduction and an increase in breast size without making incisions or using breast implants.